Our goal is to provide all people who love playing games a fair benefit from Blockchain and Metaverse economy.


WHAT IS Ape Guild?

Ape Guild is a decentralized community that aims to remove barriers between gamers through P2E based GameFi projects.

A decentralized community

We are a decentralized community where gamers make their own decisions about accessing to P2E games.

100+ Gamers with a Scholarship

We have more than 100 gamers with a scholarship on various P2E games. We are planning to grow our community with new games and gamers.

Blockchain and P2E Training Programs

We prepare training content to increase success of our community in Blockchain and P2E games. And we consistently monitor and develop with our community.





A scholarship program allows investors to lend their NFTs to gamers. The tokens earned are then shared by gamers and investors.

Millions of Gamers

Millions of gamers around the world want to join Scholarship programs to earn by playing games. Our primary goal is to grow our community by offering these gamers training, investment, and management support.


Since the entry costs of P2E games are about $1000, we want to remove these barriers that many gamers face. Gamers who joined our Scholarship program would not pay any fee to our community at any stage of the game. They receive training, play, and earn without making any investment.


The sophisticated nature of NFTs in the P2E games can make it difficult to establish a good team. We help our players gain an edge over their opponents through teams chosen by our strategy teams and the training programs we prepare.

How to Join?

-Join our community

-Complete your training

-Gain a Scholarship and build your team

-Earn Tokens by playing games

-Earn experience NFTs as you progress

-Make your earnings grow



Ape Guild is a decentralized organization managed by our community members who own our NFT series and APEG tokens.

APEG Token

Community members who own APEG tokens have a voting right to vote on decisions in proportion to the token amount they own.

Ape Guild NFT Series

Community members who own Ape Guild NFT Series have a voting right to vote on decisions in proportion to the amount of NFTs in their wallets.


Q1 2022
  • Initiating a test procedure with a closed community
  • 3+ Supported P2E Games
  • 100+ Gamers with a Scholarship
  • 5+ Gamer Coaches
  • Developing Management Applications
Q3 2022
  • APEG Token Presale
  • Pancakeswap Listing
  • 20k+ Community Members
  • CEX Listing
  • 10+ Supported P2E Games
  • 2500+ Gamers with a Scholarship
  • 100+ Gamer Coaches
Q2 2022
  • Creating social media accounts
  • Creating community channels
  • Publishing NFT Series
  • 5+ Supported P2E Games
  • 500+ Gamers with a Scholarship
  • 20+ Gamer Coaches
  • 15+ Hours Training Content
Q4 2022
  • 50k+ Community Members
  • 15+ Supported P2E Games
  • 1000+ Gamers with a Scholarship
  • 250+ Gamer Coaches
  • 30+ Hours Training Content


What is P2E?

P2E is a Blockchain based new generation game genre in which gamers earn crypto tokens through completing specific in game tasks or surpassing their rivals.

What is an NFT?

NFTs are indestructible digital assets on the Blockchain system. NFTs enable safe sign in and property ownership procedures using digital assets.

How Do Games use NFTs?

The objects in the P2E games are mostly NFTs. Players also need NFTs to play such games. The objects in the games can be characters, weapons, tools, etc.

Do NFTs Expensive?

NFTs can be bought and sold in the game’s own market or global markets and their price varies according to their properties. As a general rule, the higher the price of NFTs in P2E games, the higher their earnings. NFT prices may vary from $50‐$100.000; however, an entrance fee for a game is $1000 on average.

How much should I pay to start playing?

Gamers who receive a scholarship from our scholarship program can start playing games and earning without paying any fee for NFTs.

What is a Scholarship?

Scholarship programs enable lending NFTs to gamers who face difficulty starting games due to high NFT prices. The tokens earned are shared by the gamer and Ape Guild.The Ape Guild Scholarship program also offers training and gamer coach support for gamers to help increase their earnings.

What is Ape Guild?

Ape Guild is a community of gamers, administrators, and investors who play P2E games and always support each other.

What does a Gamer Coach do?

A Gamer Coach closely follows the training of gamers in the Ape Guild community and constantly supports them to maximize their gaming abilities.

Can P2E Games Provide Regular Income?

There are many variables to consider for obtaining regular income. Global Crypto markets, in game economy dynamics, the time spent by players on the game, the training received, and the strategies used are the most important ones. But in general, regular income can be obtained from P2E Games.

What Are Ape Guild NFT Series Used For?

Ape Guild NFT Series are used for authentication in the community and to increase income of Ape Guild gamers.

Can Ape Guild NFT Series Sell for Money?

Ape Guild NFT Series are given as gifts to successful gamers and these NFTs can be brought or sold among gamers at prices they set.

What is DAO?

DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization means that decisions are taken by the community itself.

What do I need to benefit from the Scholarship Program?

Depending on the game type, you may need a PC, mobile phone, or tablet. Plus, you should have fast internet access. Also, you should have a proper wallet or market account since the crypto assets you earned by playing are sent to you via crypto wallets. Detailed information is available on our training content.

Are crypto currencies and P2E Games risky?

Yes, although not for gamers with a scholarship, crypto currencies and NFT transactions are risky for investors. So, you should complete your training and have to take it seriously when you start playing games. You can contact the gamer coaches for your questions.